Maserati Passion App is Mobile Configurator, Noise Maker

Maserati Passion App is Mobile Configurator, Noise Maker

Maserati announced its new smartphone app geared at brand enthusiasts today that functions as a multimedia product catalog and social media tool.

The social media aspect of Maserati Passion US allows users to share comments about the brand and its cars in real time and provides links to the automaker’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages. You’ll need to register in order to join the conversation, but the rest of the app is accessible upon installation.

Once downloaded, your mobile device carries a complete index of the company’s cars, including pictures, specifications and even audi clips of each car’s exhaust note.

It also features a dealer locator and a news section to offer updates on the latest Maserati events and product news. Of course, people who are really in touch with the brand probably won’t find anything new, but there’s something special about being able to listen to the Maserati V8 signature roar over and over.

There’s a version specifically geared toward iPad users which includes a section dedicated to the Maserati store. The app itself is free, and aside from the store there isn’t any way to spend money, so it’s probably worth downloading if for nothing else than the cool sounds.