McLaren Aids in Designing UltraLuxum CXL Yacht

McLaren Aids in Designing UltraLuxum CXL Yacht

The luxury lifestyle is one we can’t even imagine living, but for those that do indulge in it, would probably find the UltraLuxum CXL fitting for their collection of toys.

British automaker McLaren put in a helping hand with the design of the ultra luxurious yacht, which features an optional garage to house an MP4-12C, or really any other exotic you may own. There’s no doubting the automaker’s influence in the yacht’s design though, just by looking at the rendered images; there’s plenty of carbon fiber throughout. McLaren also designed retractable outer beams that allows the boat to span 75 feet in open water, or constrain itself to 36 feet in confined spaces.

And of course, no luxury yacht would be complete without a master cabin, four guest cabins, and three crew cabins. In addition, the UltraLuxum CXL has a dining room, lounge, and kitchen. As for what powers the CXL, it can be equipped with an optional hybrid system with electric motors and lithium-ion batteries, allowing the 150-ton yacht to travel up to 15 knots. Otherwise, you’re stuck with good ‘ol wind power.

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