McLaren F1 Successor may bow at Pebble Beach

McLaren F1 Successor may bow at Pebble Beach

Expected at this September’s Paris Motor Show, the much anticipated McLaren F1 successor might show up at Pebble Beach next month.

A McLaren owner told CarsUK that the brand has two completed models, which it has already shown to a group of its clients, ready for the event. According to the same source, McLaren’s new halo car will have more than 1,000 hp and will also use even more carbon fiber than the MP4-12C seen above.

It’s also said to look nothing like the 12C, with radical features that depart from the ironically mundane and cliché supercar body style.

Said to borrow the 12C’s 3.8-liter engine, that sort of a power boost will be nothing short of ludicrous given the powerplant’s 592-hp rating.

With a reported 0-60 sprint of 2.5 seconds, this will be the fastest-accelerating road car in the world, though TopGear’s infamous F1 versus Veyron hoax duel doesn’t seem to have stirred the brand enough to fight for the top speed title.

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