Mercedes E-Class Coupe Caught Testing in Spy Photos

Mercedes E-Class Coupe Caught Testing in Spy Photos

Already confirmed by our last batch of spy photos, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is going to rid itself of its iconic quad-headlight setup for the upcoming model year. 

We can see the new headlights incorporate LED-daytime running lights, which used to be found in the bumper. There is still a separation between the inside headlights and the outside ones, giving the new lights the same feel as the old ones.

The grille design is getting a little more upright, and the front bumper is also being replaced. A slight change to the rear bumper is also present, and the taillights will likely be LEDs with new graphics incorporated.

For interior tech, the dashboard setup will get a slight overhual, and the car will incorporate systems such as night assistant, dynamic light assistant, intelligent lane assistant, intelligent brake assistant, congestion assistant, magic ride control and heads-up display.

The E-Class should be on sale by spring 2013.

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