Mercedes S-Class gets Seven Variants Including Pullman

Mercedes S-Class gets Seven Variants Including Pullman

Mercedes’ flagship S-Class will be quite the range topper if rumblings in Europe about the newest generation turn out to be true. 

Should that be the case, Merc’s venerable line will include everything from a two-door convertible to a limo-length “Pullman” with a wheelbase stretched to 25.6 inches. It seems the brand is using its S-Class to target a number of markets including the one it left for dead with its defunct Maybach brand.

Aside from the two aforementioned models, there will also be a standard, long and extra long wheelbase, version before the limo-length car. On top of that,  there will be a two-door, four-passenger hardtop version to act as a CL replacement expected to be called the SLC and a full-size four door coupe.

As is so often the case with German cars, a wide range of engines will probably be available to European customers including diesel options. There isn’t any information on which specific powerplants will make it to the U.S., but the usual V8 and V12 options are likely candidates. Hopefully Mercedes will also continue to offer the BlueTec diesel option as well.

[Source: Automobile]


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