MINI Sued in Florida Over CVT Defects

MINI Sued in Florida Over CVT Defects

A lawsuit has been filed in Florida against MINI for a “manufacturing defect” in its continuously variable transmissions (CVT) that is allegedly causing Cooper models to experience premature transmission failure.

Over the years, MINI has developed a reputation for carrying reliability issues with its early CVT Cooper models. The Florida lawsuit is just the most recent one filed, as other ones have also been filed in other states, further reinforcing that the idea that the automaker might have cut corners with its CVTs.

The models in question are the 2002-2006 MINI Cooper hardtops and 2005-2008 MINI Cooper Convertibles. The use of CVT transmissions have been heavily debated over the years, but automakers have recently turned to the technology to improve fuel efficiency.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

  • T. Roll

    MINIs are piles of shit. You’d have to be an idiot to buy one or know absolutely nothing about cars. Half of the news about MINI is how shitty reliability is.

  • Lsc3699

    Ok T.Roll or should I say Troll. Go back to school because you don’t know jack SHIT about cars to make that kind of statement.

  • T. Roll

     Are you kidding me. Ask Consumer Reports… heck… ask anyone who has owned one… MINIs are PILES. Fun to drive… but PILES.

  • Anderson COOPer

     At this point I’m thinking I agree with you T. Roll.  I have an 05 Coop that’s been very well taken care of (only 26,400 miles) and outta no where the other day the engine started revving high on it’s own then dipping and then revving.  It didn’t easily catch gear etc, etc, and I had to pay hundreds to repair a cvt adaptation repair.  I love my car and have had no problems with it before this but if this is happening for me at 26K miles I’m really unsure about my future with my hooptie ((I’m no old lady driver but I don’t dog my car either).