Mitsubishi Hybrid Lineup Possible for US

Mitsubishi Hybrid Lineup Possible for US

Mitsubishi will debut a range-extended version of its Outlander SUV this September in Paris, but that might not be the company’s only planned hybrid product for the future.

Rumors of a fully electrified lineup in Europe are circulating the internet, so we asked Mitsubishi North America if the same plans are in place here. Product Communications Manager Roger Yasukawa confirmed that the company is conducting research into the viability of a model range that further depends on electric power, though he couldn’t specify individual cars.

“We have plans for a plug-in hybrid vehicle,” he said, while referring to the plug-in Outlander.

He did tell us that the company is actively researching the possibility of an expanded lineup, though an official decision isn’t expected until 2014. Even still, if Europe gets more hybrid technology, it means the company has already gone through the research and development hoops needed to offer such cars.

With the Outlander Plug-In slated for sale next year, it’s easy to imagine that most of the company’s data collection will be based on how the North American market reacts to its first hybrid product.

Mitsubishi also currently sells the i MiEV, which gained attention for its fantastic MPGe rating with 126 in the city and 99 on the highway. Unfortunately, the little car didn’t hold up in crash tests, instead it was blasted for falling short of the competition.


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