Most Successful Racing Corvette Heading to RM Auctions

Most Successful Racing Corvette Heading to RM Auctions

This year’s RM Auctions at Monterey is arguably going to be one of its best ever, as the most successful Chevy Corvette race car is now joining the the lot.

The 1968 Chevrolet L-88 Corvette was the Owens/Corning FIA/SCCA race car and is considered the most victorious racing Corvette in history. It has obtained multiple SCCA championships and received a fresh Kevin McKay restoration. The race car has been outfitted with an original L-88 powerplant with 685 hp mated to a Muncie M-22 ‘Rockcrusher’ transmission.

Early estimates has this race car going for over $1 million and is a true collectible for any avid Corvette enthusiast. Hopefully whoever is able to get their hands on it will put it back on the track where it belongs.

GALLERY: 1968 Chevrolet L-88 Corvette


[Source: RM Auctions]