Nissan Leaf Being Sold for Up to $5,000 Off Sticker

Nissan Leaf Being Sold for Up to $5,000 Off Sticker

Sales of the Nissan Leaf have been stumbling as of late, with the Chevy Volt trumping it several months in a row. A few Nissan dealers are now offering the EV with up to $5,000 off its MSRP of $38,100 hoping to entice hesitant buyers to pull the trigger.

It’s a move that undoubtedly further reinforces the fact that electric vehicle sales have not taken off like automakers had hoped. The Leaf is already eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit, and in the state of California buyers can get another $2,500 in the form of a clean-vehicle purchase rebate. But even with those savings, some dealers are pushing to get buyers to sign on the dotted line says Green Car Reports by offering up to $5,000 off the MSRP. This way, customers can see the savings right away instead of having it in the form of a tax credit or a rebate.

A couple of California dealerships are reportedly selling the Leafs for thousands under the MSRP, and once combined with the tax credit and rebates, buyers are spending around $23,000 for the EV. Pricing like that makes the Leaf a serious consideration now when shopping for an electric car, but it still might be too little, too late.

With the 2013 models around the corner, it’s no surprise that dealerships will do anything they can to move the remaining 2012 inventory. But it’s surely not a positive sign that such desperate measures are being taken in order to sell what’s left on the lot.


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