Nissan Leaf Limo is Luxurious Electric Shuttle- Video

Nissan Leaf Limo is Luxurious Electric Shuttle- Video

Limousines are luxurious, comfortable and now, thanks to Nissan and the Embassy Suites hotel in Nashville Tenn., all-electric. 

The company commissioned the building of a Nissan Leaf limo for use as a customer shuttle. Keeping an eco-friendly image was an important factor for the hotel, and falls in line with the companies move to make its overall operations more environmentally friendly.

The Leaf limo keeps all of the standard equipment as the regular Leaf, including the single battery pack, though it was moved to the rear for better balance. Added in the rear end is leather seating for eight, wood inlays and other limo amenities.

The usual trip the Leaf makes is less then five miles, so the all-electric option works very well for the hotel. “This is the world’s first road-worthy, licensed, street legal electric limousine,” said Trevor Goulding, director of sales for Embassy Suites Nashville South.

Watch the video below for official Nissan Leaf limo stats.

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  • One day people will look back and laugh at the fact that we used to need to burn fuel in a bunch of pistons to move a car.    Electric drive trains are superior in every respect,  it’s just a matter of the power sources catching up to the needed range.