Nissan Taking Lessons From Blue Angels on Car Design

Nissan Taking Lessons From Blue Angels on Car Design

After collaborating with NASA on the “zero-gravity” seats in the Altima, Nissan is getting advice once again for future designs, this time from the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron. 

Nissan wanted some insight from the Blue Angels pilots on what works best for them, inside and outside the cockpit. They probed the pilots to get information regarding ergonomics, and high-speed handling. “The easier it is to interface with whatever it is you are flying or driving, it just makes the driving experience that much more pleasurable and also that much more comfortable,” said Blue Angels pilot John Hiltz.

On the visit, Nissan brought with them a GT-R, to give the pilots a taste of what Nissan has to offer when it comes to going fast.

Nissan says that we can expect to see some of what the design team learned in upcoming Nissan sports cars.

Watch the video showcasing Nissan’s visit below.

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