One Third of Irish Men Admit to Close Calls While Ogling Women

One Third of Irish Men Admit to Close Calls While Ogling Women

Distractions come in many forms when behind the wheel of a car, and 29 percent of Irish men admit that they have narrowly avoided a collision because they were distracted by a passing female. 

A study conducted by AA Motor Insurance involving 15,500 Irish motorists found that billboards and posters played an equal role in distracting both men and women. But when asked about the opposite sex, 29 percent of males said that a female almost caused them to crash, while only 3 percent of females said an attractive male almost caused them to collide with another vehicle.

Other distractions were polled as well. For example, men are slightly more prone to be distracted by the scene of a collision than women and twice as likely to be distracted by a nice car. On the other end of the spectrum, women are more commonly distracted by roadside art, and one woman even admitted to causing an accident because she was admiring another woman’s outfit.

The old adage has never stood truer, albeit in a different sense: keep your eyes on the road.


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