Porsche Panamera Estate Unlikely for US Market

Porsche Panamera Estate Unlikely for US Market

Porsche will bring a station wagon version of its popular Panamera hatchback to the Paris Auto Show this September to gauge consumer reaction, weighing the possibility of bringing the model to market.

When that happens, the car will be billed as a concept, though the possibility of it making production is very real. An “Estate” version (a prettier word for station wagon) would almost certainly struggle in the U.S., but that isn’t true in Europe.

Across the pond, wagons are loved with the same gusto as the go-to SUVs and crossovers are in the States. Official plans for the car don’t exist yet – at least not in public – but it seems highly unlikely that the bigger-booted Porsche would be sold in the U.S.

There are two key points behind that theory. First, and most obviously, Germans are painfully aware that most Americans loathe the thought of driving a wagon. A Panamera estate would compete with cars like the Mercedes CLS Shooting brake, which will also be held in chastity from American shores, which is strike one.

Second, if the car is built at all, it isn’t likely to be sold until 2016 as part of an updated range. With Porsche already mobilizing on the small version of its popular Cayenne, called the Macan for now, trying to sell the wagon would seem almost silly. Then again, the Panamera was met with initial skepticism in 2009 but went on to prove otherwise.

  • Baven Balendran

    This estate looks much better than the ugly styling on the Panamera sedan. 2015 seems a long time away though. Check out this post for more. There’s a different picture. Porsche Panamera estate

  • bring in the Panamera “Avant” to the Philippines!