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 |  Jul 01 2012, 7:01 PM

The Prince of Monaco, Albert II, is deciding to reorganize the car collection his late father so painstakingly assembled and will begin by auctioning off 38 of them with no reserve.

Money isn’t likely one of the motives for the Prince to auction off some of the cars. More likely he’s hoping to free up some space to “add some new models to the collection.” The 38 of the chosen vehicles are of a random assortment, ranging from a vintage 1913 Panhard & Levassor X19 roadster to a 1971 Fiat 500 to the 1983 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC AMG pictured above.

It’s not all European vehicles that will hit the auction block however, the Prince has also decided to put up a 1964 Dodge Dart and a 1970s Chevy Camaro. Other classics being sold include a rare Porsche 928, a 1939 Simca 5, and a 1969 Siata Spring roadster. There’s even a 1976 Volkswagen Beetle in the mix, estimated to fetch a tad over $5,000.

[Source: Dailymail UK]