Range Predicting App from Nissan Accounts for Terrain

Range Predicting App from Nissan Accounts for Terrain

To help combat range anxiety, Nissan has released a new smart phone app that will be available to owners of the Leaf that helps to more precisely predict battery usage and range. 

Utilizing a precision electricity consumption simulator, the app can predict exactly how much power will be used on any route that you program into it. Factors such as ascending and descending on hills, highway versus city driving and air conditioning will then be calculated to predict exactly how much energy will be used on the journey. Accessible charging station can also be found and displayed using the app.

Once the route has been calculated, the app will display to the driver exactly how much battery life will be left once their destination has been reached. Nissan is also working at incorporating this technology directly into the cars navigation system.

This app function is now available in Japan, and is being developed for use in Canada and the U.S.

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