Reckless Drivers More Likely to Die Early in General: Study

Reckless Drivers More Likely to Die Early in General: Study

While it’s not surprising that reckless driving significantly increases your chance of being in a fatal car crash, a recent study shows that drivers with major infractions on their record have a greater chance of dying young in a car, or not.

The Motor Vehicle Record Mortality Study was recently conducted by LexisNexis and RGA Reinsurance Company to determine the correlation between drivers with multiple violations and their chances of dying, even in a non-vehicle-related accident. The finding is a bit alarming as it shows that those that make bad judgment calls behind the wheel probably behave similarly in general.

Of the 7.4 million drivers in the data set, roughly 73,000 of them had died. LexisNexis and RGA then cross-referenced to see the amount of minor and major infractions those drivers had and concluded that those with multiple major violations were most likely to have died. Makes sense, but the fact that many of these people didn’t die in their vehicles or in a vehicle-related accident was eye opening.

Drivers with major infractions on their record have a 70 percent higher chance of dying than those without major infractions. Even more alarming are the drivers with six or more major infractions have a mortality rate of 80 percent higher. And while women are less likely to have major infractions on their driving records compared to men, those that do have a 100 percent higher mortality rate than other drivers. As for men, it’s only 61 percent higher.

Overall, the study found that having one major infraction on a driving record means there’s a good chance you have a 51 percent higher mortality rate than a driver without any infractions.

Of course in the grand scheme of things this all makes sense. Those behind the wheel that choose to drink and drive, speed, or even run red lights – chances are, they’re not making the best of decisions even when they’re not behind the wheel. Risk takers and adrenaline junkies will always find their fix somewhere, and chances are those are all a little bit unsafe.