Rimac Concept One Supercar Headed to Salon Privé

Rimac Concept One Supercar Headed to Salon Privé

Setting the bar higher than any other electric sports car, the Rimac Concept One boasts ridiculous specifications that will be hard to ignore at this year’s Salon Privé, 

Held from September 5 through 7 at Syon Park in London, the event will mark the hypercar’s U.K. debut and the first time it met with public eyes since Frankfurt in 2011. With 1,088 hp and 2,800 lb-ft of torque, it’s difficult to imagine what it would be like to sit in the car and accelerate from 0-60 mph — something it does in 2.8 seconds.

Getting into one won’t be cheap, though. Only 88 are set to be built and sold for $1 million each. There isn’t really a way to rationalize such a crazy price tag, but at least Rimac is promising its car will also have a good range as EVs go: 375 miles. Of course, you won’t experience the car’s 190 mph top speed while managing a range like that, but given its capability, this is easily one of the most impressive EVs in the world.

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