Roush Yates Offers Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Roush Yates Offers Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Sick of earning miles on your credit card that you can never use? Roush Yates has teamed up with UMB CardPartner to offers its own Visa Platinum Rewards card that can award you with Roush Yates gift certificates.

That’s right, now filling up your car with gas, and dining out can get you performance parts to bolt-on under the hood. Roush Yates is most well known for building Ford’s race engines in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, but offers a huge inventory of performance parts for various makes and models.

Since the credit card is a Visa Platinum Rewards card, you get the standard rate of a point for every dollar spent. And if you opt to use your card with Roush Yates Performance Products, you’ll get double the points. Every 5,000 points rewards you a $50 gift certificate to use at Roush Yates. It’s a pretty standard return on investment for those that like to do their spending on a credit card.

Unless you do a lot of spending with Roush Yates, you’re probably better off with any other credit card that gives you straight cash back. But if you’re planning on some big purchases with Roush, you might as well pull the trigger and get some gift certificates to do even more shopping for your car.

[Source: Roush Yates Parts]