Russell Brand Spotted with Tagged Jaguar XKR-S

Russell Brand Spotted with Tagged Jaguar XKR-S

More than three months ago, Jaguar enlisted the aid of Mr. Kaves to give a Jaguar XKR-S a hip new look, applying freehand-style spray paint designs to the luxury sports coupe. The goal of the British automaker was to appeal to a younger, hipper audience and if it’s all a publicity stunt, they just added more fuel to the fire.

The always eccentric Russell Brand was recently spotted with the tagged Jag out on the streets of Los Angeles. How fitting that such an off-the-walls actor and comedian would pose for a photo opportunity, lending more ammunition to the fact that Jaguar is clearly hoping to appeal to a younger audience with this particular XKR-S model. Based on the comments on the tweet however, it appears that it’s working – the automaker is definitely garnering some attention and the demographic clearly likes it.

  • Acha_larka

    Umm… that’s an XKR, not the S version. AG’s writing is really getting sloppy.

  • Brand’s the least funny man to come out of Britain since Sir Thomas More and I wouldn’t use him to advertise haemorrhoid cream, let along the pride of British motoring.