Safety Features Trump Entertainment Technologies: Harris Poll

Safety Features Trump Entertainment Technologies: Harris Poll

With how advanced technology has come in just the last few years, consumers are paying more attention to safety features than what a vehicle’s infotainment system has to offer.

In a recent survey released by Harris Interactive, features such as blind-spot warning and backup cameras draw more interest from car buyers than satellite radio and voice-activated infotainment features. This is probably not a huge surprise, as most drivers don’t want to have to fuss around with new infotainment features, while a backup cameras and blind-spot alert work without any hassle.

Not to mention how frustrated some owners have become with the new forms of technology – ahem, Ford SYNC. Features such as a backup camera and pedestrian alerts are used more commonly in day-to-day driving, and has a more tangible effect than streaming radio. In fact, most consumers prefer to just dock their smartphones than have to deal with integrated systems like Ford’s SYNC.

[Source: USA Today]


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