Scion FR-S Forcing Dealers to Discount Subaru BRZ

Scion FR-S Forcing Dealers to Discount Subaru BRZ

Subaru knew that the BRZ would not sell as well as the Scion FR-S just based on price, but now it looks like the pricing of the FR-S is forcing some Subaru dealers to offer incentives. 

The FR-S is selling for an average price of $25,653, while the BRZ is on average going for $29,085. The price difference is represented by the added interior goodies you get on the BRZ, such as heated seats, proximity key and standard navigation system. Hardware on the two cars is the same, and both are built in the same factory in Japan.

Even though the BRZ offers more on the inside, buyers are not seeing the value. 2,684 FR-S models sold last month, compared to 818 BRZs, and although Subaru never intended on the BRZ being a volume seller, that is quite a difference in sales.

It is because of this sales gaps that Subaru dealers have started offering incentives on the BRZ of up to $400. No incentives have been offered on the FR-S.

[Source: USA Today]

  • you might be an idiot, subarus are produced in fewer numbers and you missed the fact that subaru’s are markedly up market compared to Scion.

    I’m not gonna do your homework for you, but most dealerships are getting 2-5K OVER sticker, no discounts have been given but a few early preorderers negotiated for invoice pricing before dealerships caught on to the cars limited availability…..

  • Kkoukii

    you should check your facts dude you’re article sucks! I would rather have purchased a BRZ the reason they are selling a lot less is due to inventory shortage. There are none available in my area

  • Greg Peters

    Wow, talk about a bunch of miss-information.
    Subaru is having no problem moving these, in fact someone might say it’s the fastest selling car in the country.
    Oh wait, it is …

    The reason the BRZ is selling less, is because they are making less of them.

  • lol is all I have to say.  I just bought a BRZ on monday and paid MSRP.  They are EXTREMELY hard to find.

  • Ep_mengleez

    I think the purpose of this is because whoever that started this article is just mad they didn’t get a discount and blatantly making up false accusations to eventually catch the dealership off guard.  Nice try guy, but you will never find a BRZ below invoice unless the Finance guy is a newbie.  and stop comparing the BRZ Limited edition to the crap FRs….

  • Kyle

    Yes, they left out a few details, But in the end there’re the SAME car with a different logo. SO its just if you are a Subaru guy or you prefer a Toyota emblem. And plus their both highly customizable so they can even each other out. In the end these two cars are beautiful engineering marvels with an interesting partnership by Toyota and Subaru. Also it’s really funny how people compare 2 cars and there same damn thing… It’s like I have  slice of bread and the other guy has a toasted slice, their still bread people!!!

  • iansmithca

    An early review in a car mag claimed there were some differences in the suspension and they felt the BRZ handled slightly better than the FRS. Any merit to this claim?

    I was lusting after a BRZ, but realized my SC300 was worth hanging on to.

  • Rickers

    Your SC300 is NOT worth hanging on to lol.