Sexist German Parking Spaces Raising Eyebrows

Sexist German Parking Spaces Raising Eyebrows

Is it flagrant sexism or a funny joke? That depends on your perspective, but one thing is certain: Triberg, the German town making news for “men only” parking spots, is catching attention worldwide.

Gathering some more spotlight attention was exactly what Gallus Strobel, the town’s mayor, wanted. The town already offers “women only” spaces, though the idea is to offer well-lit spaces close to elevators to promote safety. That’s not the case with the opposite sex. Instead, the spots are designated for being difficult to fit in.

“They could be dangerous for your car, so at the same time, we decided to make them for men and then give 12 others for women,” Strobel said. “Like my secretary. Five times she tried and no success.”

Locals don’t seem to be offended, and aren’t taking the situation as seriously as some might expect. “It’s a joke,” Strobel said. “Everyone in Triberg thinks it is a joke.”

[Source: ABC News]