Subaru BRZ Sells Out in Australia in Three Hours

Subaru BRZ Sells Out in Australia in Three Hours

There’s pretty much no debating that the Subaru BRZ and the Scion FR-S are hot sellers, landing themselves as the fastest selling cars in America during the month of May. But if records were ever kept on fastest selling cars, we believe the BRZ conquered all when it went on sale in Australia.

The Japanese automaker allocated just 201 units to Australia, conducting an online ordering system that was undoubtedly frustrating for some. Those that wanted to get themselves a BRZ in Australia were constrained to buying it online – yes, the automaker sold it exclusively online – and if they weren’t able to finish the deal within three hours, they were out of luck.

Initially set to go on sale at 12 noon, overwhelming traffic on the website caused servers to have a fit, causing customers to wait until 12:45 before it could go smoothly. The first sale took a mere 20 minutes to process, which included building the vehicle, selecting the accessories, completing the contract, and paying a deposit.

The automaker released that site traffic quadrupled at 12 noon, but once the site stabilized at 12:45, there were eight orders within the first five minutes being worked on. Within the first one and a half hours, the website had 50 BRZ orders done and all 201 were gone by 3:47 pm. Everyone else in Australia that couldn’t get their virtual hands on one will have to wait until next year.

[Source: Joel Strickland’s Blog]