Technical Service Bulletins Now Available to the Public

Technical Service Bulletins Now Available to the Public

Thanks to a new transportation bill that passed last week, technical service bulletins (TSBs) are now going to be fully available to the public.

Up until now, only partial information regarding TSBs was available to consumers, but now it is required for the manufacturers to provide TSBs to the Department of Transportation, who in turn must make the information available to consumers.

TSBs are much like recalls, except they provide information on what the defect is and how to fix it. Dealers were provided with TSBs up until now, and could charge consumers for fixing the issues listed if the car is no longer under warranty. This won’t be the case anymore, as all of the information needed to fix the problem will go out straight to the owners.

  • Danny Tse

    Sure….but at a cost.  Toyota charges its owners $400 for a yearly subscription to its TSBs.

  • Wrong

    that doesn’t make sense.  according to the article – toyota must send it to the Department of Transportation – not the owner

  • yo

    you guys, this article is about a law that passed last week.  It’ll take some time before the TSBs are available to the public without having to go to the dealer.

  • Torchwood
  • DealerDude

    We can still charge the customer for the repair if the vehicle is out of warranty… that doesn’t make a difference. Just because there’s a TSB doesn’t mean the part is automatically covered by some sort of unlimited warranty.

  • Wildlatin23

    These documents ARE available as stated- BUT at a cost of $45/hr copying charge paid by the consumer- for a paper copy delivered via USPS… This is bureaucratic govt nonsense.