Top 10 Smallest Engines Available in Cars today

Top 10 Smallest Engines Available in Cars today

9. Toyota Yaris/Honda Fit (1497cc)

Coming in at number 9 is a two way tie between bitter rivals. Both the Toyota Yaris, and Honda Fit feature 1497cc engines which are advertised as 1.5-liters. In the Yaris, the little engine puts out 106-hp and 103-lb-ft of torque. Of course that’s plenty for a car that doesn’t weigh more than 2300 lbs. Its a similar story in the Honda Fit, which makes 117-hp and 106-lb-ft of torque, to push around 2500-lbs of metal. The Yaris gets 30/38 mpg with a 5-speed manual, and 30/35 mpg with the automatic transmission.

In the Honda Fit, expect 27/33 mpg in both the automatic and manual models. It’s also worth mentioning that the 1.5-liter engine that is in the Yaris, is also used in Toyota’s Prius c hybrid, where it achieves 56/43 mpg thanks to Toyota’s hybrid gas-electric technology. The Toyota Yaris starts at $14,115, while the Honda Fit is a bit more expensive at $15,325. The hybrid powered Prius c comes in at $18,950.

  • U. S. Dhindsa

    Omission of 1 litre XSDE and 1.3 litre SDE is strange.

  • oknahs

    The Ford engine of the year 2014 1 liter pushing a whopping 130 ft lbs of torque.

  • J Mac

    Yea… it’s an old list. There are a few more efficient engines.

  • Sudheer Pal

    I think the writer did not check out Indian Automobile Companies…..Maruti 800 was 800CC, Tata nano is 658CC

  • TRON

    Where is the Mitsubishi Mirage? It get’s better gas mileage than any of these except the hybrids.