Top 10 Smallest Engines Available in Cars today

8. Chevrolet Volt 1.4L (1398 cc)


The Chevrolet Volt uses a unique extended-range electric power-train that has a gasoline engine that acts as a generator for the car’s electric motors. That engine is a 1.4-liter (1,398cc) displacement engine which makes 85 hp. That little engine aids the electric motor and battery to get a 94 MPGe rating by the EPA. At $39,145, the Chevrolet Volt isn’t the cheapest car on the list, but it certainly is the most high-tech, and thanks to that Voltec, extended range electric powertrain, the Volt can go around 800 miles on a single tank and charge.

  • U. S. Dhindsa

    Omission of 1 litre XSDE and 1.3 litre SDE is strange.

  • oknahs

    The Ford engine of the year 2014 1 liter pushing a whopping 130 ft lbs of torque.

  • J Mac

    Yea… it’s an old list. There are a few more efficient engines.

  • Sudheer Pal

    I think the writer did not check out Indian Automobile Companies…..Maruti 800 was 800CC, Tata nano is 658CC

  • TRON

    Where is the Mitsubishi Mirage? It get’s better gas mileage than any of these except the hybrids.