Top 10 Smallest Engines Available in Cars today

3. Scion iQ 1.3L (1,329 cc)


Scion‘s micro-subcompact can still somehow seat up to four, but that’s not its only impressive feature. By using a 1.3-liter (1,329cc) four-cylinder engine, which makes 94-hp and 89-lb-ft of torque, the peppy, yet frugal engine helps the iQ get a EPA rated 36/37 mpg. It’s not the smallest engine in the micro-subcompact market, but it is the most fuel efficient. That fuel-efficiency comes at a price though, and the Scion iQ costs a whopping $15,995, far more than its micro-subcompact rivals.

  • U. S. Dhindsa

    Omission of 1 litre XSDE and 1.3 litre SDE is strange.

  • oknahs

    The Ford engine of the year 2014 1 liter pushing a whopping 130 ft lbs of torque.

  • J Mac

    Yea… it’s an old list. There are a few more efficient engines.

  • Sudheer Pal

    I think the writer did not check out Indian Automobile Companies…..Maruti 800 was 800CC, Tata nano is 658CC


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