Toyota Announces Pricing for Seven 2013 Models

Toyota Announces Pricing for Seven 2013 Models

Toyota has announced new prices for several 2013 models. While most are going up in price, they are getting new equipment along with it.

Toyota’s bestselling Corolla gets a new chrome grille for 2013 with the same trim along its belt line in The LE trim. The LE trim which is meant to be luxurious and the S trim which is somehow supposed to be sporty with a four-speed automatic, have an upgraded audio system. Pricing took effect July 9 and will range from $16,230 for the L grade with a five-speed manual transmission to $19,060 for the S grade with a four-speed automatic.

For people who prefer hatchbacks to sedans, or demand all-wheel drive in their small Toyota, the Matrix is an option. The base model, like the lowest trimmed Corolla, does not get a touchscreen audio system. It does, however, get an auxiliary input and Bluetooth connectivity. This audio system is designed to compensate electronically for outside noise. the manufacturer might not need this bit of tech if they added more speeds to the gearbox, keeping the revs down.  Heading slightly upmarket, the Matrix S features the same touchscreen audio system that is standard on the LE and S trim Corollas.

The only reason this car does not sell as well as the Corolla is because American shoppers prefer sedans to hatchbacks. The MSRP for the 2013 Matrix will range from $19,275 for the L grade with a five-speed manual transmission to $22,415 for the S grade all-wheel drive with a four-speed automatic.

Like the Matrix, the Sienna also offers optional all-wheel drive. For 2013 Toyota has discontinued the four cylinder model, making the 3.5 liter V6 the only engine choice. The LE trim is one step above base and for 2013 the seats are upholstered an easy-to-clean fabric.

The driver’s seat now features a lumbar support and eight-way power adjustment, which will make trips with screaming kids a little easier to handle. The top of the line Sienna Limited get standard blind spot monitoring, although this feature can be ordered as a standalone item on the SE and XLE grades as well. The Sienna base MSRP will range from $26,450 for the Sienna base model to $41,240 for the Sienna Limited all-wheel drive. The MSRP’s are going up by an average of $466 or 1.4 percent. The 2012 model in base trim is priced at $26,300 while the Limited all-wheel drive is $40,570.

While the Sienna is practical for families, the Tacoma is built for the practical-minded worker. For the 2013 model year the Toyota Tacoma’s TRD Sport package has been discontinued but gets a touchscreen audio system.

The base MSRP for the 2013 Tacoma will range from $17,520 for the 4×2 Regular Cab with a four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission to $28,085 for the 4×4 Double Cab V6 long-bed with a five-speed automatic.

As tough as the Tacoma is reputed to be, it is not up to the task of being the United Nation’s vehicle of choice. That honor goes to the Land Cruiser. This pinnacle of reliability and off-road capability is all new for 2013. The new model has a new price,which has gone up from $77,955  by $300 to $78,255 (0.4 percent).

At the complete opposite end of the pricing chart and indeed intended purpose chart from the Land Cruiser is the Scion xD. For 2013 it  gets additional driver and front passenger seat cushion airbags and improved one-step force limiters for the seat belts. The trim around the cup-holders and the air conditioner controls have also been rethought.

Buyers now have the option of a  two-tone paint scheme  that combines Blue Streak Metallic and Black Sand Pearl for the roof, though pricing for this bold look has yet to be announced.  If the new headlight styling doesn’t keep the older shoppers away, the new paint job certainly will. The 2013 Scion xD price has been increased slightly to $15,745 with a manual for 2013.

Even smaller than the xD is the Scion iQ which hit the market in 2012 and the updates for 2013 shift previous options into standard equipment territory. For example, the front passenger under seat, auxiliary tray, rear deck box cover and rear speakers are all now standard equipment. The 2013 Scion iQ MSRP also rose slightly to $15,385. The previous model cost $15,265 and the newly included standard features sold for more than the price increase. This car is the smallest car on the market with two rows of seating.