Toyota Supra Successor Rumored on BMW 6 Series Chassis

Toyota Supra Successor Rumored on BMW 6 Series Chassis

It didn’t take long for rumors surrounding the future BMWToyota sports car to start flying.

While more details are trickling out about the exact details of the tie-up between the German and Japanese auto giants, easily the most exciting news surrounds the cooperation between the two automakers on a combined-effort sports car – especially after the success Toyota has in collaborating with Subaru on the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ.

Easily the most titillating news bite is that the model could be a successor to the Toyota Supra, based on the current BMW 6 Series chassis according to one source.

According to a senior manager at BMW, this cooperation will differ from the Toyota-Subaru plan in that both cars will retain their own character, a strong hint that they may look little alike. According to that BMW source the vehicle, “will be a sustainable sports car with environmentally friendly technology.”

There’s also speculation that the joint project could be a version of the BMW i8, which could lend its powertrain to the Lexus LF-LC concept

[Source: AutoNews]