VW Jetta SportWagen Might Change Name, Get Alltrack

VW Jetta SportWagen Might Change Name, Get Alltrack

Changes are brewing for the VW Jetta SportWagen, which will go out of production this fall, leaving a year-long production gap until the next version begins production in 2013.

Those changes could include a new name which, according to VW marketing exec Rainer Michel, could come down to one of three: the Golf SportWagen, the Jetta SportWagen or just the SportWagen. Whatever it ends up being called, Volkswagen will still base it on the Golf, with the upcoming model using the brand’s MQB modular architecture.

The Alltrack concept on display at the New York Auto Show also apparently received such a warm welcome that VW will likely put it to use in a version of the SportWagen that will be similar to an Audi Allroad model.

By deciding to include an all-wheel drive version, the automaker would give itself the flexibility to offer a rugged version like the Alltrack, with more ground clearance, chunkier body styling and a premium price tag. Consumers who aren’t interested in full-time power to all four wheels will be able to choose the front-drive model, which would sell for less.

As for the impending gap, which is very real considering how popular the SportWagen has been among U.S. consumers, VW will boost current production to stockpile in anticipation of the year’s stagnant production line, though that might not be enough.

[Source: Car and Driver]