Washington D.C. Getting Stricter Drunk Driving Laws

Washington D.C. Getting Stricter Drunk Driving Laws

Drunk drivers in Washington D.C. can expect stiffer penalties starting tomorrow when the Comprehensive Impaired Driving Act of 2012 takes effect.

Aimed specifically at serious offenders and commercial vehicle operators, the act championed by D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray will increase mandatory minimum jail times from five to 10 days for anyone convicted of having a BAC above .20 percent, but it also increases the maximum penalty.

Those found to be driving under the influence with a minor in the car will also face a minimum five-day sentence if the child is in proper restraints and 10 days if not, with even harsher penalties if the child is injured by the driver.

Commercial drivers may now also only have a BAC of .04 percent. It takes the average person two drinks to reach a .05 percent BAC, so the act limits a driver to consuming one standard drink without breaking the law.

Finally, the act streamlines and consolidates relevant parts of the D.C. code to better define and separate fleeing from the scene of an accident and driving under the influence provisions.