Watch a Honda Civic Si Transformed into a Race Car in 7 Minutes – Video

Watch a Honda Civic Si Transformed into a Race Car in 7 Minutes – Video

Ever wonder what it takes to build a race car? Honda believes it’s easier than you may think and the Japanese automaker decided to release a video showcasing the steps taken to convert a run-of-the-mill 2012 Civic Si to a competitive race car for World Challenge.

There’s no arguing that in recent years Honda has faltered in really gaining the attention of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. The automaker once held a firm grasp with race car drivers and tuners, but recent years many have turned their attention to models from Nissan and Toyota. With all the hype surrounding the new Scion FR-S, it’s no surprise that Honda is doing what it can to make its products exciting again.

The video showcases the team breaking down a standard Civic Si, stripping it down to its bare metal before heading off to a fabricator to get a new roll cage. The bare vehicle is then painted and headed back to reassembly, sporting a Honda Performance Development-tuned 2.4-liter, four-cylinder that has around 25 percent more power than the production engine.

Of course anyone that has ever been involved with an extensive rebuild project knows it’s not as easy as Honda would like to make it sound, but hey, at least they’re making an effort in trying to make its Civic Si model relevant in today’s market.

Watch the video of Honda transforming a standard 2012 Civic Si into a race car below.

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  • Concerned Honda fan

    I wonder how they dealt with the one piece head/manifold.
    What huge disappointment that is, throw on top of it that it is not proper vtec anymore and you got an ep civic all over again. Good job Honda. I won’t be looking to you for a new car until you can fix those two huge things that deter tuners.