10 Future RWD Cars We Can’t Wait to Drive

10 Future RWD Cars We Can’t Wait to Drive

Cadillac ATS-V

With the ATS, Cadillac finally developed a sports-sedan capable of taking on the benchmark set by its German rivals. Still, there’s no answer yet from the American luxury car maker for the German muscle M3, C63 and RS4. A true response will arrive in the form of the ATS-V, a vehicle that will get the same V-treatment that the CTS did a few years ago.

The ATS-V is expected to use one of two potential twin-turbo V6 setups. A 3.6L V6 that makes more than 400-hp is one welcomed option. The other potential engine is a 3.0L V6, but details are scarce on that one. Of course the ATS-V is also expected to come with suspension and braking upgrades in order to make it even more potent on the track.

It’s also nice to know that Cadillac fine-tuned the base ATS’s chassis and steering on the world-famous Nurburgring. That should bode well for the beefed-up sport-sedan when it takes on the Germans.

  • T. Roll

    Some of these are cool, but I’ll believe that Cuda when I see it.

  • Jeff

    Drab? I would never describe my IS350 as “drab”!

  • Jme927

    Where’s the 2014 Corvette ??

  • T. Roll

     Who other than a UAW retiree wants to drive a Corvette?

  • Wei Yang

    Waiting on the BRZ STi myself.

  • Colum Wood

    If it ever happens.

  • James

     I wouldn’t hold your breath. My buddy at a Subaru dealer says it’s not going to happen.

  • Cowboyup

    OMFG, the Mustang is beyond ugly. Hope they never build it. I just started liking them again. Bad enough corvettes r trying to look like Ferrari’s it Lamborghini’s.

  • Cowboyup

    I would. It’s a glorified, overpriced Toyota.

  • Wei Yang

    Well, unless your buddy is the head of design or in charge of company direction, I wouldn’t put too much weight on his comments.  Most car salesmen don’t know their products let alone what’s coming down the pipeline.

  • did you notice the name at the bottom right of the picture? thats the name of the person who came up with this concept art. in case you don’t get what I’m saying; that isn’t what it will look like. not even the majority of Ford knows what it will look like. A guy (who isnt with ford) took the evos design language, and put some mustang cues in it to give us a rough idea.

  • Brent Nelson

    woww !!!! beautiful car . !!! its look amazing . What a masterclass design of this car . I will love to ride this car on highways on full speed . I am waiting for release of this car  !!! The unique thing in this car is its headlight. I had never seen a different headlight like this in my life. I am sure this car will make a good space in motor-market.

  • Domedelaouise

    you’re just too poor to drive one

  • TJ

    IS is not a glorified Toyota. Doesnt even use a Toyota platform. Next gen will continue with the GS platform cant wait to see it. 

  • Nathan L

    I love it but it does not scream muscle car to me sadly…more like sports car with an Aston-esk. vibe. But at least it looks great 😛

  • Luke murphy

    That is NOT a Mustang.  I would really like to see ford try to stick with its roots on such an iconic car, they are straying too far from what a mustang is supposed to be. It doesn’t need to appeal to foreign markets, it needs to be a Mustang. Release something else for the foreigners but don’t ruin our mustang like that.  
    Just keep the appearance similar to the way it is now (My idea is to release a 50th anniversary edition styled exactly like the original mustang but with modern tech) but improve the tech. The shelby has 662 hp and 631 ft/lbs of torque, but a live axle.  Let’s get some higher tech suspension and handling and try to trim down weight. That’s all you need. You certainly don’t need to redesign it, at least, not like that.  

  • Way

    What about the chevy ss coming in 13?

  • Vette’s sell well, so it must be more than old guys

  • With so many gorgeous cars, the few from Japan look dated and rather bland.

  • Jdowmon

    Ford , please offer a factory installed supercharged or turbo option for the 5.0 that would be a sleeper option without all the Shelby add ons. Keep the cost and weight down for a true 50th birthday . Just let us check a box when ordering new. This marketing concept would keep ford far ahead of the other pony cars. The economy is still very soft and will be slowly getting stronger about the same time it is the 50th birthday. Ford can get a jump on value related sales and show the world market they are a leader and continue to draw consumers into the Ford showrooms

  • Kevin G

    That Lexus might as well be a Subaru.  It looks outdated before it’s even produced.

  • Tom

    someone who wants precise performance and can’t afford a Porsche or AMG Mercedes

  • Dear god that mustang looks hideous. The Caddy and IS look exactly the same as well…

  • I think they meant rear wheel drive, not right wheel drive. Great day

  • TennJoe

    Add to the list Corvette and ChevySS

  • Malcolm

    Considering at the ripe old age of 29, I own 3 and had 2 others over the past couple of years.  I would like to see the 2014 myself.

  • shakNbak

    The world is getting smaller.Add this now you can spend a coue hundred thousand dollars on a car and still get your butt kicked by a car costing less than half or even a third of that and they will look good doing it..Me iam waiting on the 2015 Vette…As the song goes. Proud to be an american, Thanks Ford,GM and Last but not least Chrysler…When I get the money i will buy one of each…

  • shakNbak

    I not only want to drive a vette but iam trying to decide,should i get one now or wait until the 2015 models come out, ,and a smoking hot car is the 2015 cadillac ELR..

  • shakNbak

    Yeah it drab and tired and slow,and boring…

  • Dayle Nolasco

    if the world is getting smaller id rather buy Ford Fiesta of ken block