100,000 Nissan Versas Under Investigation for Airbag Flaw

100,000 Nissan Versas Under Investigation for Airbag Flaw

Nissan is getting the good samaritan award of the day because it self-reported the possibility that the airbag cable located in the steering column might be pinched, keeping the device from deploying.

To date, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hasn’t received any complaints about the issue, which is indicated by a warning light on the car’s dashboard if it occurs. The investigation is still in its preliminary stages, but it could eventually lead to a recall.

Before that can happen, the issue will be put through a bureaucratic wringer to decide if it will be upgraded to an engineering analysis. If it passes that level, then it can be upgraded to a recall, but not before. Don’t expect anything soon, though. Moving from an investigation to an engineering analysis is a slow process.

  • Peggymcentire

    I don’t care what they say I wouldn;t take any thing for my Nissan  Peggy

  • Vgentry83

    At least they are being proactive…cough “Toyota” cough! LOL!