Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Cadillac ATS 3.6L V6

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 Cadillac ATS 3.6L V6

Modern interior, all style, no substance

Thanks to the addition of CUE, which also controls audio and climate control, the center console is clean and free of buttons. In comparison to its German competition, the ATS looks modern, but make no mistake, looks don’t make the interior more ergonomic. Without knobs and the iDrive-like controls, the controls in the ATS can be vague, meaning you have to see what you’re poking at, and how much you’re adjusting certain settings.

We’re eager to see an improved version of CUE in the near future, but until then, there’s little reason not to recommend the ATS, and recommend it highly.

  • Brad Sandefur

    Seems to me that your evaluation should have included tiny facts like:
    The 6 cylinder is only three tenths of a second faster than than the turbo 2.0
    The turbo 2.0 gets considerably better gas mileage and gives up little in trade.
    The 2.0 would be less costly than the six.
    The BMW 3 series is still faster and is still a better overall vehicle, but Cadillac definitely made strides.
    Now, this fact, you couldn’t have included.  I tested Cadillac’s CUE system, which claims immediate response to natural speak.  I got delays and repeated misunderstandings of what I instructed.  Almost every time, it asked me to repeat myself.  The navigation system is irritating as it gives you a long speech after it finally gets your address entered from voice commands.
    The salesman justified this with the intelligent statement of…”Well, most people just punch it in themselves thru the screen.”  WHAT???  This is a sales pitch???  I think not!


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