2013 Honda Accord Previewed by Leaked Brochure

2013 Honda Accord Previewed by Leaked Brochure

Despite the media test drive already having occurred, a standard information embargo is in place to keep details of the 2013 Accord’s inside bits modestly hidden. It’s just too bad someone left a brochure lying exposed on the floor in a Kroger supermarket.

Now, the low resolution shot is giving the world an unsanctioned look at what is arguably the most important car of the year. As you can see, the Accord follows much of the interior styling cues Honda implemented in the 2012 CR-V. It’s difficult to get a sense of the car because the photo is so poor, but it’s easy to see that items like the gauge cluster are heavily revised over previous models as is the cabin’s overall styling.

Another important point to note is that Honda simplified the center stack, which in previous model years had been criticized for being too button-heavy and complicated. Look for our full review of the car coming very soon.

[Source: Temple of VTEC]

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F4NIV2JMZJKS2YDJYOCVWRMF3E CARRIE

    The whole interior  looks a mess. Too busy and just not laid out well. The 1991-1995 Acura Legend has an excellent interior design. Clean, plain, simple, and easy to figure out. Looks like the current Acura designers and now doing the Honda designs. They really need to polish up their act !!!!!
    some of the Legend interior was carried over the the Accord, but as one can see, that has changed this year. 


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