2013 Nissan Altima Costs Less to Drive to Mars – Infographic

2013 Nissan Altima Costs Less to Drive to Mars – Infographic

We’re all feeling a little patriotic this week, as the United States successfully landed its massive, SUV-sized Curiosity on our neighboring planet of Mars. Taking advantage of a good situation Nissan has released an infographic on how much it would cost to drive to Mars.

It’s obvious that Nissan wants the world to know that its 2013 Altima gets a best-in-class 38-mpg highway. And while absolutely none of us will ever drive 352 million miles (the distance to Mars) in our lifetime, the Japanese automaker wants you to know that the 2013 Altima bests other vehicles in its class by a wide margin – if you were to do so.

According to Nissan, it would cost about $33,764,211 million dollars to drive to Mars, based on a price of $3.645 per gallon. Now obviously even though 35-mpg to 38-mpg might not seem like a huge difference, when you spread that over 352 million miles, it really shows how big of a gap it could be on your wallet. The 2012 Toyota Camry, for example, with 35-mpg would cost $36,658,286 to drive to Mars.

It’s certainly a silly way to market the Altima’s fuel efficiency; we just think Nissan wants another excuse to talk about its NASA-inspired “zero-gravity” front seats.

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