2013 Nissan Leaf Aiming for Price Reduction, Longer Range

2013 Nissan Leaf Aiming for Price Reduction, Longer Range

The Nissan Leaf’s recent sales figures has to be disappointing to the Japanese automaker, but it looks like big changes are on the way for the electric vehicle, and hopefully it won’t be too little, too late. 

According to a report out of Japan, Nissan is trying to increase the Leaf’s range to over 155 miles based on the Japanese cycle. Now let’s keep in mind that the Japanese cycle is pretty much impossible to achieve here in America; so it’s more likely that we could see a 25 percent gain in range based on the rumored figures.

Currently the Nissan Leaf is rated by the EPA with a range of 73 miles, but on the Japanese cycle it’s rated at 200 km. So if Nissan is aiming to hit 250 km with the 2013 Leaf, it’s reasonable to expect a 25-percent increase in range to around 91 miles. The Japanese automaker is working on improving the efficiency of the power plant, as well as the lithium-ion batteries used in the EV.

If the improved-ranged Leaf does make it to market, Nissan will also offer a cheaper model of the Leaf with a lesser range – probably something closer to what is being offered now. If the prices are to be believed, the cheaper Leaf could come in at around $26,000 in the U.S. market.

It will be a waiting game to see whether or not that will prove to be enough to improve the Leaf’s sales figures. But with how much the automaker has invested into its electric vehicle, any boost in sales would be a nice improvement.

[Source: Inside EVs]