2013 Nissan Leaf Battery Cells Getting Cheaper

2013 Nissan Leaf Battery Cells Getting Cheaper

Nissan will be switching to cells supplied by Hitachi for its 2013 Leaf model rather than the ones currently supplied by Automotive Energy Supply Corp.

The change to Hitachi-supplied cells will help reduce the cost of the battery pack for the automaker. Unfortunately it’s not clear if these new cells will help extend the range of the Leaf, or if it’s strictly a cost-cutting measure.

Previous information suggested that Nissan is hoping to extend the range of its Leaf electric vehicle while reducing its price, and it appears that the Japanese automaker will be utilizing new lithium-ion cells in its battery pack in order to reduce costs.

Definite changes to the 2013 Nissan Leaf include options for an upgraded 6.6-kilowatt onboard charger, leather seats, and a more efficient cabin heater.

Either way, Nissan will have to improve the mileage range of its Leaf in order to improve its sales.

[Source: Daily Yomiuri Online]

  • vlouni

    Super duper! My next car!

  • Spider

    Get me to 200 miles and I’m sold!   (Incidentally, There ARE existing electric car user groups who told me I could definitely extend my range to 200 miles with the right supplemental batteries. Probably cost an additional $5-10K)

  •  My words! Carlos Ghosn is a lamer. First he laughed about Mitsubishi and the price for their iMiev, then he sells the Leaf with the same range even more expensive.

    200 miles, like you say, and the prices would be ok. You must also consider that range drops with the years at least about 20-30 %.