2013 RAM 1500 Rated Best-in-Class 18/25 MPG

2013 RAM 1500 Rated Best-in-Class 18/25 MPG

Thanks to a new 3.6-liter V6 engine and an 8-speed automatic the 2013 RAM 1500 can now lay claim to being the most fuel efficient pickup in its segment.

With 42 percent more power and 13 percent more torque, fuel economy rises 20 percent to 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. An optional 5.7-liter Hemi V8 is also offered mated to the same 8-speed transmission and makes 395 horsepower and 407 lb-ft of torque.

Helping achieve the record fuel economy rating is a start-stop system, active aerodynamic grille shutters and an air suspension. The first time offered on a 1/2 ton pickup it can lower the truck for easier cab and box access, not to mention better aerodynamics at speed. When required, it can be raised for improved ground clearance, plus it has an automatic load leveling feature.

Outside the RAM 1500 gets an updated front end, with LED turn signals and LED taillamps. Other features include keyless access, an upgraded instrument panel with wood accents and better materials, while an updated Uconnect display screen can transform the truck into a rolling Wi-Fi hotspot.

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  • Andykochendorfer

    With the 8 speed, sounds like a lot of transmission problems to come.

  • John Anderson

    Andy, are you still in Florida doing photography?  Agreed, the Rams will have a ton of problems

  • Andykochendorfer

    Yep, still in Florida

  • John Anderson

    Awesome, we should hook up and talk about the good times

  • Fred


  • Greg

    Holy smokes

  • Ted barriff

    Rams are awesome

  • Jed swearth

    Sweet deal

  • frankie Jones

    Ram tough

  • Suhail Sood

    Wait till one of the Cylinders fails, the air suspension gives up and dissapointment by it’s hauling capacity. Typical Chrysler product.

  • Deerhunter_

    dodge r pos always have ben always will b now that there 78% owned by fiat there real pos for sure lets face it the only car company ran out of the states for building junk fiat stands for fix it again tony so go by u a itillian  p o s  oh did i mention 3 goverment bail outs 

  • thats how all cars will meet the 50 mpg average in a decade.  18 wheelers have a lot more.  Ill buy into more gears when they have the bugs figured out, like the chrysler 300s that get trashed at 150,000 miles.

  • Xs1200L

    Sounds like something worth checking out. But Dodge has never had a reputation for strong transmissions, much less in a 8 speed. I also doubt that it can achieve 25 MPG on anything other than an arrow straight flat road. Vehicles that can’t take small hills without downshifting up small hills drive me nuts.

  • Xs1200L

    Sounds like you last 4 guys are all members of the same mutual admiration society.  Dodge had trouble building a decent 4 speed transmission; what are its chances with a 8 speed?  Anyway, the only way it gets 25 MPG is on 100 miles of dead flat road. On hills, with any load, the shifting back and forth will kill it. A good truck though for going to Wall Mart. 

  • tlafaitte

    your argument disregards that all trucks will claim high fuel mileage on a 100 miles of flat road. But a V6 with 305 hp and 269 lbs or torque will definitely pull a boat out of the water. So not just a dakota, or a tacoma with a 4 cylinder that gets good gas mileage but a truck that  is full sized with a powerful V6 that gets great fuel economy. And acutally the 8 speed transmission is more likely to work well than a four speed because of more shifting points

  • Mason 808

    dodge and chevy need to go with direct injection! not much for ford but go drive an ecoboost blew my mind! 

  • lashbera

    Oh boy, so many other vehicles have had air suspensions. Wait a couple of years to see if these trucks can and will be converted back to a regular suspension because cost  and durability are unaceptable. Dodge doesn’t have a great track record for quality and I can’t immagine an air suspension working for them.  Check on Yukon Denalli air suspension problems as well as gm mini vans , Ford Crown vics and a few others. I find most Dodge owners too proud to ever admit they don’t have the best truck.I fix them for a living and what a living it is. GO FIAT

  • um this is just my opinion but I have a 2006 dodge charger V6 with just 42k miles on it and it burns a quart of oil every 1500 miles. Also it never came with a dipstick to check this crap of a transmission..Dodge failed on this “shiftable transmission” what a joke!

  • The transmission is ZF, a german company. Excellent transmissions and aircraft gearboxex

  • Ram32

    On a manual transmission Dodge uses the NV4500 or NV6500 both are GM transmissions and both are junk…
       On their 3500 and up series they use a Japanese transmission the Aisin…I have it in my 3500 and so far, so good…I live on a dairy farm and I haul everything…I am constantly overloaded and everything is great at 60,000 miles so far.

  • Johncy

    it just won truck of the year is all. dang dodge they are so horrible

  • festmatt5440

     I had a Dodge ; and it got hit ‘  , totalled ;  now I have a Chevy ‘  ;   1/2 T  ;  its pretty and new ; but can ‘t afford to buy gas for it .    Its a ” gas -hog ” .  The Cummins Diesel  regularly got 24 mpg.   this ‘ pos ‘  ;with half the power ; gets ,  16 mpg .

  • festmatt5440

     I just went on a ,   630  mile trip ,  with another guy , who was driving a  2012  Dodge , with the V -8   Hemi ‘ .     I was driving a 2011  Chevy ;  with the 5.3 L ‘ ,  V-8 .   He was getting 25 mpg.
    I was getting ,  16 , mpg .     If the 2012 V-8  Hemi   ‘ ; can get 25mpg’. ; I ‘m sure this truck will do even better  ‘.

  • festmatt5440

    My 1996 ‘Dodge Cummins five- speed ‘ must have been a different transmission I was pulling two ‘ trailers from Illinois , to AZ. each year ; a 30ft 5th Wheel Toybox, which carried my Gold Wing , and my dirt bike . Behind , I also pulled a 16ft Enclosed trailer , with two more dirt -bikes .

    I traded the truck , when it had 367.000 miles on it , and never had anything wrong with the transmission .