2013 Range Rover Photos Leaked

2013 Range Rover Photos Leaked

Information on Land Rover’s 2013 Range Rover is expected very soon, but photos that seem like they might very well be legitimate have already surfaced online.

Based on a comparison with spy photos of the car wearing skimpy camouflage, the pictures seen here seem real. A first glance, you will notice that the new SUV carries new styling broadly influenced by the popular Evoque.

Fresh fashion sense won’t be the only improvement, and hardly the most important. That’s because Jaguar Land Rover also transitioned the Range Rover to aluminum underpinnings, saving the swanky SUV some 1,000 lbs in curb weight.

Engine options wil include the 5.0-liter V8 found in the outgoing model and possibly the 3.0-liter supercharged six cylinder, which will be more viable considering the car’s reduced weight. The supercharged powerplant could offer competent power and better fuel economy, which will improve further in coming years when the company offers a hybrid version.

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