2013 Toyota Auris Commerical Uses Transgender Model

2013 Toyota Auris Commerical Uses Transgender Model

Toyota’s new Japanese-market ads for the 2013 Auris show that this is a car for only a select part of the buying public.

The new campaign features a model from Israel who identifies as transgender. The tagline for the campaign is “not in trend, not casual, not for everyone, not authority, but Auris”. The car will debut at this year’s Paris Auto Show in September but will not be on sale in Europe for several months.  The ads for the Auris will only air in Japan.

The Auris is based on the next-generation Corolla that is currently on sale in Japan. It is the equivalent of the Matrix in that it is a Corolla-based hatchback.

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  • Makes me want to vomit. Toyota is on a real roll with their commericals, as if I didn’t dislike them enough as it is.

  • Anon

    Your response makes me want to vomit, it’s a little transphobic don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    Justin Snyder’s bigoted remark makes me want to vomit, too.

  •  You know how it is. Denial- not just a river in Egypt!

  • Marcin388

    better being transphobic than a weirdo, and there is no such a thing as transphobic, normal people just don’t tolerate weirdos, and you need to go to the psychiatrist if you find them trannies normal. I will never buy any toyota car because of this commercial.

  • Wrong Marcin .. normal people say if they don’t bother me I won’t bother them, live and let live. Thick stupid people like some I can mention here are the weirdo’s who think if they aint like me it ain’t “normal”.. you need help,

    Those who are transsexual have to jump many hurdles to prove they are sane to get there surgeries .. you’d fail on all accounts.. 

  • anon1

    I guess if you blow a tranny in this car it may be taken literally

  • Transphobic? No, I’m pervertophobic I guess. You Apple hispters yelling about tolerance need to go away cause you’re about as cool as a little boy prancing around in red panties pretending to be a woman in a Toyota commercial.

  • Mike S

    Wow, I think Toyota are taking this “hybrid” thing waaaay too far. What will they call this aforementioned “unnamed” model–the Priss? Kinda rhymes with Prius.

  • jim

    I could never relate to that commercial. Getting a Rav4 is far as it goes. I am getting an audi next week.

  • Leonardo

    I’ll tell you what the real problem is, unnatural things start happening when society is at the point of collapse. (It’s history – research the rise and fall of past civilizations) I do not hate transsexuals, but what they have decided to do with their bodies and life.

    Just because one has certain feelings does not make it right. I could have the feeling to go kill someone, but that wouldn’t make it right! Hitler jumped many hurtles but it doesn’t mean those hurtles should have been jumped. It’s not a matter of sanity or insanity, it’s about a lack of understanding wisdom and education in that area.

  • pocketdrummer

     Transgender social sigmas aside, seeing a dude in a speedo that resembles a woman doesn’t make me want to buy a car. If they’re going with a “sex sells” approach, they’ve failed in the straight men who like real women department.

  • Dasfsa

    funny how they try to make this normal… amazing…they will try anything to make a sale…fuck this…

  • Fistocracy

     Um, the model isn’t transgendered. He was born male and identifies as male. Congrats to the author for their excellent quality of their unresearch.

  • Peterpiper In Hongkong

    Actually Justin you may have some deep psychological issues there.. I am a professionally trained psychologist who has worked with kids and adults with mental and behavioural issues for 35 years, and with clients with sexual and gender issues for 13 years, and I can tell you that quite a few people like you who express transphobic (and of course homophobic) attitudes are themselves deeply insecure about their gender (or sexuality). I expect Toyota may worry about having to do without your business, but I worry about the prospect that you may choose to do without any mental healthcare. Please take action,…. for your own good.

  • Teboyes

    Good on em, I say. Bloody ingenious

  • Anon

    Normal by definition for a human is a human free from malformation, both psychological or physical.  Including any surgical modifications.  One that conforms to the standard biological imperative.  Anything that deviates from that is abnormal.  It is humanities limited cognitive and social ability to reject that which is abnormal. Humans that hide behind comments like “live and let live” are chosing to hide their true feelings and remain passive not having to deal with the situation at hand.

  • Angelallen15

    well i think she is lovely!

  • Orange

    lol, lying about your profession to win an argument is seriously pathetic. 
    And then you say someone else has mental issues. 

  • DT

    Sarah, you wrote:

    Those who are transsexual have to jump many hurdles to prove they are sane to get there surgeries .. you’d fail on all accounts.. “Jumping the many hurdles should be a clear indication that these people are deluded!  It’s like the emperor who had no clothes.  Something was very wrong but no one wanted to offend the king by telling him he was naked.  Denying the truth does not make a lie valid.

  • guest


    This Is Fucking Disturbing 

  • For those of you that view this commercial as disgusting, I have a question. Would you find a commercial that objectifies a scantily clad woman to sell a car, beer, etc. just as disgusting? If not, then you are a sexist hypocrite, and you are a poignant reminder that sexism exists for both men and women, depending on the subjective gender role that one chooses to view as “normal”.

    By the way, for those of you who may be ignorant on the subject, transgender does not mean the boy wants to become a woman. Transgender is an umbrella term that describes individuals that do not feel the need and/or do not want to conform to traditional gender roles.

    Example: Sarah is a woman that prefers to dress in pants and suits instead of dresses and likes to work in what would be a traditionally male job like say, a mechanic, could define herself as transgender without hating the fact that she is a woman. As a transgender person, you can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, etc.

  • John

     I have a question.. If that commercial makes me disgusted, then why can’t I have my right to be disgusted. The LGBT world says I need to tolerate them, why can’t I have my right also to be tolerated? Why is this thing only one way? I never have seen someone from the alternate crowd say, “I accept you for what you believe”

  • fiks

     Aww, poor baby cant take the fact that things like transphobia are signs of poor mental health.

  • fiks

    You are sitting at a computer typing letters to people hundreds of miles away from you. You probably worship a god who is supposedly good and yet lets horrible things happen like the Holocaust, what a strange being to worship.  Clearly, you are a weird to most of the humans who have ever existed.

  • fiks

     Comparing killing someone to someone recognizing that they have a brain mismatched with their body just shows how insanely distressed you must be that someone else is doing something not familiar to you. I suggest you get a grip and read your own argument: just because you arbitrarily, emotionally call something “wrong” does not make it wrong or destructive.

    Also, “unnatural” things also happen at all times during a civilization’s life in great numbers. Tanks, computers, fast food, marriages, etc are all “unnatural,” but that word means jacks hit.

  • fiks

    ahahaha, and i suppose you’re the one who gets to decide who is a pervert and who is normal, huh? Jesus essentially thought that those who married were inferior to those who didn’t, are you going to stick by those arbitrary morals too?

  • fiks

    comment system is messed up

  • fiks

    ahahaha, and i suppose you’re the one who gets to
    decide who is a pervert and who is normal, huh? Jesus essentially
    thought that those who married were inferior to those who didn’t, are
    you going to stick by those arbitrary morals too?

  • fiks

      Important distinction, thanks for this.

  • fiks

      This is also a commercial in japan, and not in america. We dont know
    what the intended effect was, although east asia has a much longer
    history of accepted effeminate men than the West.

  • fiks

    Imagine if someone said to you “Why dont civil rights activists accept racists for what they believe?” You’d understand why that is wrong – it’s not about how they feel, but what they do with their feelings.

    It’s ok to have emotional reactions that are separated from reason- that’s how a lot of the world works. It’s just that many people jump from their emotional reactions to abuse, political platforms, trying to make others conform, etc. “It is ok to not like something, but dont be a dick about it, and certainly not a fascist about it.”

  • Mayconfb102

     amazing and fun!

  • How are they sexist? After all this is a woman in the video. Same as women in other videos. She just happens to have a slightly different body then the women those idiots may like. As a man who dating a transgender woman now, I think it is really cool that this Japanese company produced this. Yay equality and hopefully more countries will get on board. For example it would be nice if my girlfriend could go to University and look like herself. The University she wants to go will not allow her to go dressed “as a woman” as they said. But she is transgender and not a crossdresser. I was so angry about this!

  • Wdewer

    What the hell is wrong with Toyota? This is disgusting, I want to see their cars, not watch a  Tranny Porn!