2014 Toyota Corolla to Get “Dramatic Change” Say Insiders

2014 Toyota Corolla to Get “Dramatic Change” Say Insiders

Toyota’s next generation Corolla is expected to hit American dealerships next year, and the automaker is suggesting that the styling update will be an even more dramatic shift than what was seen with the unveiling of the brand new Avalon.

The Corolla is the best selling name-plate of all time and it is Toyota’s second-best seller in the US. Billy Fay, General Manager of Scion and Toyota brands, recently said that some of the Toyota insiders who have seen the styling metamorphosis of the new compact “said it is an even more dramatic change” than what was seen in the redesign of the Avalon.

Toyota’s Corolla was last redesigned for our market in 2007. Deliveries of the Corolla were up 11% this June versus the same time in 2011. The Corolla is a perennial best-seller despite the recall crisis and flashier, faster cars competing for compact sales. It outsold the Civic in 2011 by nearly 10,000 cars, but the Corolla has sales of it’s hatchback sibling, the Matrix counted into its figures.

[Source: Ward’s Auto]

  • Blogger00251

    Just like the amazing change with the camry…..i don’t believe it…the new camry was nothing special


    Blogger00251 – it was special in its own way, far better interior and IMO it looks a little sharper than the previous generation… specially the SE. I cant wait to see what toyota has planned for the new corolla, afterall, its the world’s BEST selling car. My brother currently own a 2010 corolla S and it can benefit with some changes ( 6 speed tranny, better interior materials..) i’d also like to see the return of the XRS, maybe with toyota’s 2.5L i4

  • Boingo

    Agree.  The Avalon 2013 styling however was a fluke.  Maybe Toyota was dumpster diving in BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, etc. – car makers that care about styling.

  • Tporlopid

    dont judge the book by its cover!

  • Mike S

    From what I’ve seen of the spy shots, limited as they may be, the next Corolla will retain its overall shape, with upgrades made to front and rear fascias, interior, and drive train. 

    Photos indicate the new Corolla will look like a mini Avalon in front, and a mini Camry from behind. And like the Camry, it will retain its sedan profile, and not go the way of the Hyundai Elantra’s coupe styling. Glad of that, really, as I have plenty of headroom in my ’09’s back seat, and I measure in at 73″ tall.

    Interior spy shots reveal what looks like a Yaris dash/instrument cluster.

    Will be interesting to see if many attributes of what I love about the Corolla remain: Coin box, center console rest with storage, dual glove boxes (doubt it, but I can always hope; only one glove box available in the new Auris), and an almost-flat rear floor.

  • Just look at the Corolla being sold in Australia (2013) model. No need to wonder about spy shots. We North Americans suffer at the hands of manufacturers as being offerred second hand designs that are years late after hitting European markets. There’s a dealerships video on youtube of the 2013 Corolla.