2015 Mustang EcoBoost, IRS Confirmed

2015 Mustang EcoBoost, IRS Confirmed

Sure to make a splash in the car community when it debuts in 2014, the next-generation Ford Mustang could be your dream come true or a black nightmare – it all depends on personal preference.

But preference for Ford’s newest pony car will come down to more than loving or hating its updated, polarizing, style. That’s because Ford has confirmed two major mechanical changes long rumored to be in the pipeline: an independent rear suspension and an EcoBoost engine.

Whether or not that EcoBoost will be a four- or six-cylinder is still unconfirmed, but regardless of which version Ford chooses, the powerplant’s reliance on forced induction is a departure from the car’s near exclusivity to natural aspiration.

Of course, there’s the supercharged GT500, but that doesn’t belong in the same sentence as an entry-level EcoBoost. Fans will also remember the 80’s era SVO which used a turbo four cylinder, but that was a limited-production vehicle where the upcoming car will make mainstream production.

Regardless, the EcoBoost line has already gone great lengths at eliminating the V8 mentality thanks to its performance in the F-150 pickup truck. That still might not be enough to convince some stoics, but Ford may not have to.

The company will certainly still offer its 5.0-liter V8, but Ford will drastically alter the way its pony car drives by abandoning its live rear axle for the first time. That alone could be enough to frustrate old fans regardless of engine choice.

Some might argue that’s exactly what Ford needs, though. By moving to a more refined and fuel efficient drivetrain, the Mustang will probably have more appeal on the global market and with younger drivers – both places where muscle car history is more-or-less irrelevant.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • 32V_SVT

    C’mon man, this rendering is so clearly based off an Audi R8, and tweaked to add Mustang queue’s…
     What a joke… I’m all for the re-introduction of an IRS being an owner of a 2003 SVT Cobra which benefited greatly in handling thanks to the IRS of it’s era… Hopefully Ford does it’s due diligence, learns from the short comings of the 03, 04 design, and offers a piece truly capable of delivering top end performance and handling.

  • steelvenom

    I think both IRS and Ecoboost sound like awesome options. People who complain about IRS need to just drive a car with it and they’ll stop complaining. 

  • Comic Book Guy

    Worst. Mustang. Ever.

  • Mustangfreak

    I say bring back the Maverick for the Ecoboost and leave the mustang alone

  • This car is ugly as sin, makes me glad i got a 2011, I’ll keep that car as long as I can if this is what the 15 looks like

  • Dkersten

    That is a fan based rendering of what they think it might look like based on an evos concept car that is reportedly going to be similar to the mustang.. there is NOTHING official yet and this is FAR from what it might look like.  I could grab some crayons and draw up something too and it would be as likely to be what the new mustang will look like as this hideous rendering.  MSN should really caption their photos.. there is another article that is titled the 2015 mustang and has the evos concept as the photo but buried in the article is the mention that nobody even has a concept drawing from Ford yet.. only some people at Ford know what the new mustang will look like, and the only official word is that there will be eco-boost engine options.

  • Dkersten

    Sorry, I guess this isn’t from MSN.. so Autoguide needs to caption their photos..

  • Smarterthanyou

    You seem like a little bit of a hot head. The photo has a watermark.

  • SVTOwner

    I’m sure it won’t be a popular opinion, but as a fan of European styling and body lines, I love that picture.  The idea that an American car company can create something to compete on the global stage is exciting.  Build this car!

  • Gtluke

    Turbo 4 was an option for the mustang gt from 79 to 84 let’s do some research before writing an article.

  • DO. NOT. WANT.

  •  They already make cars for the global market. Screwing up the Mustang like this is unconscionable.

  • A two door muscle car is always appealing, but really what’s the point of the back seats in these muscle cars? I’ll buy a car like that when it comes with a 3 seater bench front seat, a pickup truck style tailgate, a hard plastic cargo area and a rear window that retracts into the roof exposing a large open cargo area.. google “open cargo coupe” to see what I’m talking about.

  • aerodude

    this mustang looks awesome

  • Lovaszm

    Oh my God!! Who in the world could mess up a Mustang like that? Ecoboost will be good for Europe, but pls don’t ruin a perfect car with this stupid design….

  • Raychaun

    i guess the new bodystyle is okay, would like to see it with mods. as for the 4 cylinder i guess my grandma would like it..

  • Leopompidas

    I dont know if Im going to vomit or cry !!!!

  • you know. Ford FINALLY made things right when they brought back the 5.0 now they just splat the mustang on the floor by putting a 4cyl. a 4cyl come on…

  • Walter Martinez

    What else do you spect from a comic book guy – this is the best looking Mustang ever!

  • Walter Martinez

    If the new Mustang is going to look like this it will be the first brand new car I buy, It is the best looking Mustan yet. I specially like that it will have a 4 cyl engine.  I already have a big enough unit and don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Sell the 4cyl version under $24K and you will sell a ton of them like the new Camaro.

  • The front end looks cool and the back looks cool, but  the design doesnt flow at all. With some re locating of the body lines on the side this would be the best looking mustang yet.
    Look at the body line that goes from the rear qtr. to the top of the fender.
    If that body line stayed parallel with the window, instead of curving like that the car would flow much better.
    Then take that body line thats just below it and drop it down below the door handle, or drop it all together.
    Have your designers sketch something up and get back to me. 😉 thanks

  •  By the way. I had an 84 SVO mustang I picked up dirt cheap to flip and make a quick buck. It was hard to have to sell it.

  • Eric

    i hope it looks like this,m change the side alilm with side exhaust,  but i love it, iam a giant mustang fan, love them and im glad there going with a euro look, has style,

  • John Bryans Fontaine

    My first car was a 1968 Mustang Fastback in Highland Green. It vaguely resembled the Bullitt Mustang accept that McQueen’s had a 390 and a Manual transmission, whereas mine was a 302 with an automatic. My second Car was a 1969 Mustang Fastback ( Sportsroof ) in Winter Blue, with again, a 302 and an A/T. I’ve also had a few Scirocco’s and also an ‘ arrest me red ‘ Corrado. Which I did happen to get a speeding ticket in.

    In any case, I think that this Mustang is [U]the[/U] best looking ‘stang since the 1969 model. It is the first Mustang in several decades which can actually be called sleek. Also, I like that it resembles an Aston Martin. Remember that James Bond ( played by sean Connery ) drove a Bright Red 1971 Mach I in a wild chase through night-time Las Vagas in ‘ Diamonds Are Forever ‘ . I could see 007 driving a gun metal gray version of this Mustang very easily. Maybe Ford could use this to promote this next ‘stang, as several Mustangs have appeared in the Bond films .

    Diamonds Are Forever – Las Vegas car chase


  • Portabean

    that looks boss

  • Pink Panther

    I hope you’re joking and actually understood the cultural reference. If not then you, sir, are ze idiom.

  • Chrispetinatto

    2015 Mustang looks like garbage. Crush it & go back to drawing board. What a complete & total abortion. Maybe they’ll get the hint when sales figures hit new lows.

  • jmaister

    redesign may not be a good thing.

    what if ford got cocky enuff to aim for higher price coupes on their volume sellers, higher sticker price?

  • Jackskid

    I have owned a71, 78, 89, hoping to customize a 2007-08 to my own taste , I guess at 56 my style and taste is old school picture of 2015 is nice but rear wheels set back alittle to much for my taste.

  • Joanne

    ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is terrible to do that to what was a good body style! I do hope we get the 2014 Shelby GT500 that is already on order. Glad we are keeping the 2010 Shelby too, because I would not buy the 2015!

  • Knuckles Mutatis

    Gorgeous! So much better than the other Evos renderings that look too sedan-like due to so many straight lines and lack of curves. This not only looks much better (love the big “hips” in the rear + lower front end) it looks well beyond the pony car league altogether – more like serious sports car territory. 
    Remember Ford, people want sexy curves! 

  • God i hope they don’t do this… IT IS UGLY AS F***. Reminds me wayyyy too much of an Aston Martin, and i remind myself that i dont like Aston martins. Keep the original look…

  • Jim

    Trash it, crush it and go back to the drawing board….