2016 Honda Civic May Mark Return of Hatchback Model to US

2016 Honda Civic May Mark Return of Hatchback Model to US

The next-generation Honda Civic is expected to make an appearance by 2016, and Americans may finally get a taste of a five-door hatchback model.

Of course nothing is definitive, and 2016 is quite a ways away, but given that other automakers are selling five-door hatchbacks in America with success – like the Hyundai Elantra – it wouldn’t be a surprise if Honda finally makes the move for America.

The current-generation Civic debuted last year and already Honda has been quick to refine the model. According to Erik Berman, president of Honda R&D Americas, there are “fairly substantial styling changes” coming for the current Civic this fall. Berkman also noted that the next-generation US-spec Civic sedan and coupe will be developed in North America.

[Source: USA Today]

  • Xuevue

    I’m not holding my breath on this one ill believe it when I see it. Still waiting trade my 2000 civic for a hatch type r if if ever comes.

  • jhonda_new hatchbk pls

    Would love to buy a Honda hybrid hatchback. Have an old Honda hatchback that allows me to carry large items, yet has the convenience of parking in small spaces. Hurry up Honda and give me the great styling of Honda. Give me somethings that will have Toyota Prius owners turning their heads!

  • stageacter

    This is interesting — what does it say about their commitment to the Fit?

  • Mike

    PLEASE, Build a 2 door Honda Civic Hatch in the US. As a 6′ 250 lb Athletic man, we need a 2 door. When we rent, 4 doors column or seat belt mounts cram my wide shoulders with the seat adjusted for comfort. Besides, let’s be honest, the 2 door just looks better in any car, it is easier to get in and out for heavy built people, and it look better too! Try to keep tech as an option to reduce price, and just let us buy what we want cafe style. Keep out the power window, locks, mirrors, or seats…just more weight. Give us better safety AND a spare tire. Manufacturers are taking the spare and weighing the car down with techno junk. Make a stick trans to make it really fun, at a reduced price. reduce the overall weight and size, reduce the engine to a 1.4-1.6L, be honest…we really never hit 140 mph on our cash strapped Republican budgeted highways, and we need to reduce the dependencies on overseas oil. Reduce the appeal to ” soccer moms”, you already import the civic sedans and Fit for them, and give a little to those of us, men and women, who want a little fun and joy when driving…without kids! beside, for those with kids, why do you need 2 more door…and they are smaller, so let them in the wider front doors.
    Honda, please, for a US built 2 door civic hatchback…build and they will come, and buy!

  • Ste wi

    Please Honda We need the return of CIVIC HATCBACK like Europe Here in North America, many compagny like hyundai steal your part of market with five doors hatchback !!! Reconsider your point of vue and lets the Hatchback come in US and Canada !!! Sincerely a Honda lover 🙂

  • RMJ

    I have purchased over 12 Honda cars over the years. I think Honda is late to the game in bringing the Hatchback to the US. As a Honda lover, I would buy one. Lately, Honda has said a few things but never deliver. I for one am looking for a new car….I thing I will switch from Honda unless they deliver a Hatchback to the US. I know several people that feel the same way. I hope they do.

  • 4thJohn

    We have an Elantra GT with sports packages and love it. The advance pix of the latest Civic Hatchback are very handsome – it would sell wonderfully and beat out the the ungainly Focus.