Acura TLX to Get 45-MPG Hybrid, ILX Coupe Dropped

Acura TLX to Get 45-MPG Hybrid, ILX Coupe Dropped

As Acura continues to revamp its product range the Honda luxury brand will roll out its all-new RLX flagship later this year, followed by an all-new MDX and TL in 2013.

Based on the chassis of the upcoming 2013 Accord, the TL (likely to be renamed the TLX) will shrink in size slightly with the TSX being phased out. This will also be one of the first Acuras to use one of the new Earth Dreams engines, sporting direct injection to deliver around 310 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the same hybrid powertrain used in the upcoming Accord will be offered, delivering as much as 45 mpg.

As for the TSX, it’s rumored to carry on in limited production, at least in V6 form.

Sliding further down the scale, the brand’s new ILX sedan will also gain a more potent Earth Dreams engine. According to Automotive News, the base 2.0-liter could be replaced by a 2.4-liter making 181 hp, although it’s more likely that a direct-injection 2.0-liter could fill the void making around 170 hp, with a more potent 2.4-liter delivering closer to 230 hp.

Those hoping the ILX would bring back the sporty coupe to Acura’s stable will, however, be disappointed to learn Honda is not planning an ILX Coupe (rendered above).

With the new 2013 RDX hitting dealers now, look for the new MDX to feature similar styling, as well as the new Earth Dreams V6 engine with added power and improved efficiency.

2014 will then bring the launch of the new NSX, using that V6 engine and two electric motors to deliver all-wheel drive grip.

Despite the new flagship performance machine, Acura is following a plan to remain a second tier luxury automaker rather than an all-out challenger to brands like BMW, Mercedes and Lexus.

[Source: AutoNews]

  • Thetrufeisty

    Really looking forward to a more powerful K24. We own 3 K24 cars(03′ Accord, 06′ TSX and a 10′ Element SC). If this 230 HP one comes out we might have to get rid of one ^_^.

  • Fd204010

    the K24 in the TSX(i have an 05) is so awesome. the car in general is just great. i dont think the new engine will make 230 HP. probably will make 200, but have more torque. thats just my opinion, i just can’t wait until these new engines come out

  • that Honda has confirmed it will take the NSX racing and that it wants to showcase the car in the best way possible.

  • 2014 will then bring the launch of the new NSX, using that V6 engine and two electric motors to deliver all-wheel drive grip.

  • As for the TSX, it’s rumored to carry on in limited production, at least in V6 form.

  • whitneymuse

     I drove the V6 Honda platform with the earth dreams engine, today; it has plenty of torque; even a modest punching of the accelerator from a dead stop actually sounded the front tires; I turned to the salesman accompanying me and asked if he heard the tires squeal.  He did and agreed that I hadn’t jolted the car into an acceleration.  Many of the 300 BHP were present then; this was on the new Accord (2013); supposedly the platform that the TLX will be built. Currently drive the 2012 and it’s as well damped and suspended as any of the better  automobiles (for ride) such as AUDI I’ve had the pleasure of driving. Since the current 2012 only has 2000 miles on its odometer, I can be patient until the new TLX is delivered.
    Assuming it has the same combination of handling and damping characteristics in its suspension, that will be a winner, in its 2-door coupe configuration, as shown.

  • whitneymuse

    Driving the 2012 TL; waiting for this TLX mileage up with 300 BHP; hmmmm. 

  •  Still waiting for that TLX; anyone in Acura-land heard of any deliveries?

  • Luv

    I don’t know what demographic they intend to serve, but I obviously don’t belong. I would have paid cash for the Coupe in a nanosecond.

  •  Stefan I got a ride in the Accord Coupe with Earth Dreams V-6; my test vehicle didn’t have the same “feel” as the TL V-6; think the wheel base is inches wider in the TL; the accelerator is the most impressive element; it’s drive-by-wire with electronic inputs into opening of the valve feeding fuel; no mechanical parts so pressure controls the opening in a 1:1 relationship.  Press and it goes forward.  Driving up hill is the most positive experience I’ve ever had in a car.
    Total positive control; pressure: forward motion in a 1:1 relation.
    The fuel is premium in the “non earth Dreams” model.
    Earth Dreams will fuel with regular octane fuel.
    The current TL now uses no belts to drive the power steering, too.
    Electric motor assist for the power steering.

  •  Luv: me too; it’s been my mission to find an Accord Coupe with the new V-6 Earth Dreams engine; that platform has been reported here as the TL-X’s chassis for 2014+…
    Dealers have said Torrance, CA’s HQ is very quiet about its appearance.
    Also, Dealers don’t have an inventory of 2013 V-6 coupes; the V-6 “Earth Dreams” engine is impressive; it uses regular octane (non premium/87 octane) gasoline, too.
    I would like to “feel” what a Honda Accord chassis feels like v. the Acura TL’s; a salesman said, the track was narrower; I’m in like with the TL’s track and an inch or two can make a huge difference in perception by the time the drive transfers to the steering wheel.

  • JazzoRenee

    Uhhhh, Lexus is a 2nd tier with Infinite and Acura….Let’s get it together.

  • Zachary Zarko

    I have a 2003 TL Type S that I bought new, and I’m ready to upgrade to the 2014 TLX. I can’t wait until they finally make it to showrooms. I hope they share the same options as the RL: four-wheel steering with super-handling all-wheel-drive, navigation with real-time traffic, Bluetooth cell phone connectivity, voice-activated everything, ventilated seats, brake assist, rearview camera, tire-pressure monitoring, self-adjusting cruise control, keyless ignition, direct injection, 8-speed tiptronic, and any other cool gadgets Acura can wedge into the thing.

  • 45 mpg sounds very optimistic; the 4 cylinder is reported to be 35 mpg; your headline number t too high, I think.

  • disqus_crWEU18U4A

    I think it’s certainly possible since the Accord hybrid coming this fall has an EPA rating of 49/45/47 mpg.