Aston Martin ‘Power, Beauty, Soul’ Tour to Visit Nine Countries

Aston Martin ‘Power, Beauty, Soul’ Tour to Visit Nine Countries

Aston Martin will be taking three of its top models on a ‘Power, Beauty, Soul’ tour which will stop at 27 different cities across nine countries. Accompanying the tour will be the British automaker’s Vanquish, V12 Zagato and V12 Vantage Roadster.

The tour will go across Europe stopping mostly at Aston Martin dealerships, but the automaker also promises to hold “exclusive customer events” as it goes through the countries. Symbolizing the ‘Power’ in the tour is the all-new Vantage model┬ápacking 565-hp from its 6.0-liter V12 engine. The gorgeous V12 Zagato is a perfect match for ‘Beauty’ while the ‘Soul’ will be represented by the V12 Vantage Roadster.

Unfortunately there are no immediate plans for the automaker to bring the tour over to America. But if you’re around Europe during August to October, you might want to check the schedule for its stops below.

24th August: Dusseldorf (Germany) 27th August: Zurich (Switzerland) 28th August: St. Gallen (Switzerland) 29th August: Safenwil (Switzerland) 30th to 31st August: Cadenazzo (Switzerland) 2nd September: Geneva (Switzerland) 6th September: Munich (Germany) 7th September: Hamburg (Germany) 12th September: Luxembourg 13th September: Stuttgart (Germany) 14th September: Kronberg (Germany) 19th September: Milan (Italy) 20th September: Verona (Italy) 21st September: Udine (Italy) 24th September: Cannes (France) 25th September: Monaco 30th September: Dresden (Germany) 4th to 5th October: Hilversum (The Netherlands) 6th October: Eindhoven (The Netherlands) 9th October: Memmingen (Germany) 10th October: Salzburg (Austria) 11th October: Vienna (Austria) 16th October: Brussels (Belgium) 17th October: Paris (France) 18th October: Bordeaux (France) 19th October: Lyon (France)

[Source: Motor Authority]