Aston Martin Virage Axed for DB9 Replacement

Aston Martin Virage Axed for DB9 Replacement

After a mere 18 months on the market, the Aston Martin Virage has officially gotten the axe and will be replaced by the next-generation DB9 model.

The Virage was always a strange model, demanding over $30,000 more than the DB9 Coupe, while offering only 20 hp more, and suffering a drastic loss in fuel efficiency. So with just over 1,000 Virage models built, the British luxury automaker has decided to cut the coupe.

But it will live on spiritually, as the next-generation DB9 model will receive a more aggressive design, similar to the Virage, but with more power. The new DB9 however won’t get so many improvements that it will intrude on the Vanquish’s market.

With the improvements to the next-generation DB9, chances are pricing will be more in line with the outgoing Virage model. So essentially, the British automaker will replace the Virage with a new DB9, which will just be an improved version of the Virage.

[Source: Cars UK]