Audi Cam Lets you Watch your Mechanic at Work

Audi Cam Lets you Watch your Mechanic at Work

Audi offers a way for you to supervise the work being done to your car, right from your home computer.

Called Audi Cam, the service requires your mechanic to film the diagnosis process and verbally narrate to you what is going to be done to fix it. Before any work is done, this gives the owner the chance to see what the problem is, and make the call on whether or not to fix it.

A web page containing these video clips, which can be marked ‘urgent’, ‘advisory’ or ‘for info,’ is then setup, can can only be accessed by the owner of the vehicle using a special individualized pin number. The customer can then authorize the work online, or request a call back to discuss the maintenance further.

Audi also offers Direct Reception technology, which includes head mounted camera’s on Audi technicians which customers can view from the waiting room. You can also speak directly to the technician as he is doing the work.

For now, Audi Cam is only available in Europe, and has just been rolled out in the UK. This level of customer service would no doubt be received well here in the U.S., and will probably find its way over the pond.

  • Spanner1718

    FFs who would want to be an Audi mechanic? Do they get ultra high wages?