Audi TT RS Gets Compared to 90 Quattro Race Car – Video

Audi TT RS Gets Compared to 90 Quattro Race Car – Video

Automakers often say they go racing in order to improve their production models, and when you have decades of success on the track, chances are your vehicle lineup is all the better for it.

Audi is one of those automakers with plenty of success on and off the track. On paper, its newest TT RS model with 360-hp and 343 lb-ft of torque, doesn’t have a lot in common with the German automaker’s famous 90 Quattro race car – save a five-cylinder powerplant in both. But in the newest episode of Audi’s ‘Moments of Truth’, the automaker shows the link between its famous Quattro race car and the technology found in its TT RS.

The film documents the legendary, longitudinally-mounted Audi five-cylinder engine used in the famous 1989 Sears Point race. Driver Hans-Joachim Stuck passionately explains the powerplant that helped launch the Audi team to victory, and how that victory ultimately led to today’s TT RS design and powerplant.

Watch Audi’s RS Moments of Truth – 1989: 5 cylinder engine below.

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